Icimendue Srl is a Converter Company located in the Southern of Italy, specialized in the lamination and printing of flexible packaging multilayers in food and non-food sectors. The modern equipments allow to provide many types of laminates, based on plastic films, paper and/or aluminum foils customized to work on a wide range of packing machines.

One of the goals of the Company is to develop sustainable packaging to facilitate the waste management and the recycling stream. Recently, the Company has achieved two certifications to provide sustainable packaging laminates: the FSC for paper-based packaging and ISCC+ for laminates based on plastics from renewable or recycled sources.

In the Merlin Project, Icimendue takes part to the WP4: Development and VALIDATION of packaging demonstrators based on recycled PET and Polyolefins (PE, PP). In particular, Icimendue is in charge of the realization of a demonstrator of a multilayer laminate PET/PE based on recycled polymers. The multilayer is composed by recycled PET and PE from the stream of stakeholders defined by the project. The lamination is performed by rotogravure laminating machine, depositing a polyurethane solvent-less adhesive for the bonding of the layers. Icimendue is taking part to the physic-chemical characterization of the demonstrator, interesting all the basic requirements of a flexible packaging material (sealing, tensile strength, barrier properties). The demonstrator properties will be compared with analogues laminates based on fossil source. Icimendue is participating in all the activities regarding Cross-cutting activities and Innovation impacts and Increasement of knowledge within stakeholders, thanks to the experience of the Company in the flexible packaging sector.