The 2024 edition of the Innovation Forum 4 Plastics took place in Brussels on 19 April. Hosted by EuRIC on behalf of the CIMPA Project and supported by the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency (REA), the event provided a platform to highlight innovative solutions generated by EU-funded projects and a workshop aimed at facilitating the co-creation of a mapping of needs, gaps, and research and innovation priorities in the plastics sector to be integrated into the next Horizon Europe Work Programme 2026-2027 and beyond.

The event focused on the presentation of The Circular Plastics Cluster, composed of seven EU-funded projects focused on the recycling of multilayer plastics. These projects showcase innovative strategies and solutions being made to address plastic waste challenges and promote circularity within the industry. Among these projects, MERLIN stood out for innovation and sustainability.

During the event, MERLIN’s project partner Ioniqua, highlighted MERLIN’s cutting-edge initiatives aimed at improving plastic recycling and circularity. MERLIN’s pioneering approach focuses on developing improved solutions to upgrade the quality and quantity of recycled plastics derived from multilayer packaging waste. The project presentation emphasised its central role in addressing a critical need in the industry, aligning perfectly with the goals outlined in the European Plastics Strategy and the European Action Plan for the Circular Economy. Projects like MERLIN play a vital role in combatting plastic pollution and advancing circularity within the industry.

Through insightful presentations and dynamic discussions, participants at the Innovation Forum 4 Plastic explored the urgent challenges posed by plastic waste and identified collaborative opportunities to ensure sustainable resource management.

As a MERLIN partner, EuPC remains focused on the pivotal commitment to driving positive change within the plastics industry. The participation in events like the Innovation Forum 4 Plastics underscores our effort to continue to innovate, collaborate, and lead the way to a greener, more sustainable world.