Brussels, Belgium – January 16th and 17th, 2024

In the heart of Brussels, the MERLIN project is poised to orchestrate its 6th General Meeting, a pivotal event shaping the trajectory of sustainable solutions for post-consumption multi-layer packaging. Scheduled for January 16th and 17th, 2024, at Avenue Cortenbergh 71, (EUPC PREMISES) the gathering promises an immersive experience, bringing together industry experts, stakeholders, and visionaries committed to advancing the cause of circular economy practices.

The journey unfolds with a warm welcome from Felix Gonzalez of ITENE, setting the tone for a comprehensive exploration of various Work Packages (WPs) crucial to the MERLIN project’s mission.

The morning unfolds with engaging discussions on the intricacies of automated sorting systems and delamination processes led by experts from ITENE and IRIS, respectively.

As participants refuel during the morning break, the ambiance buzzes with the exchange of ideas and networking opportunities.

The journey continues with a deep dive into recycling processes, exploring the potential for transforming separated fractions and monomers into sustainable solutions and the development of delamination processes of each multi-layer.

The afternoon session unfolds, addressing critical aspects such as the development and validation of packaging demonstrators, as well as an assessment of the environmental impact and regulatory challenges.

In the spirit of collaboration, participants gather for a leisurely lunch, fostering relationships that extend beyond formal discussions.

The day culminates in discussions around cross-cutting activities and innovation impacts, illuminating the interconnected nature of the various facets of the MERLIN project.

A brief respite offers participants a chance to reflect on the day’s discussions and recharge for the upcoming workshop on Decision Support System.

The second day kicks off with a webinar, “Delamination solutions for multilayer,” featuring insights from ITENE, UNIBO, and IONIQA, offering participants a deeper understanding of innovative solutions.

The webinar can be visible here on MERLIN YouTube channel.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact: Cesar Aliaga (ITENE)