On November 29, 2023 ROVIMATICA, IRIS, and PREZERO successfully held the webinar “unveiling of the Merlin Project”. This event, attracted industry leaders, environmental experts, and stakeholders committed to sustainable waste management practices. The Merlin Project represents a significant leap forward in addressing the complex challenges of multilayer packaging waste. Attendees were provided with an in-depth exploration of the project’s innovative solutions, highlighting contributions from key project partners.

Event Highlights:

  1. Project Overview and Sorting Work Package by ITENE: The event commenced with a comprehensive presentation by ITENE, detailing the overarching goals and specific challenges tackled by the Merlin Project. The discussion emphasized the importance of efficient sorting systems in enhancing recycling outcomes.
  2. Technology Development by IRIS: IRIS showcased their cutting-edge technology designed to improve sorting accuracy and efficiency. Their presentation underscored the technical advancements that make the Merlin system a standout in the industry.
  3. Innovations by ROVIMATICA: ROVIMATICA presented their state-of-the-art solutions that integrate seamlessly into the Merlin Project. Their technology plays a crucial role in optimizing the sorting process, ensuring high levels of precision and reliability.
  4. Integrated System Solutions by PREZERO: PREZERO illustrated the practical applications of the Merlin system within their recycling operations. Their insights highlighted how the integrated system addresses real-world challenges, providing a promising solution for the industry.
  5. Virtual Tour of PREZERO Recycling Center: Participants enjoyed a virtual tour of the pilot plant at the PREZERO recycling center. This immersive experience offered a first-hand look at the Merlin system in action, demonstrating its capabilities in a live environment.
  6. Interactive Q&A Session: The event concluded with a live chat for questions, allowing attendees to engage directly with the project team. This interactive segment provided valuable insights and fostered a collaborative dialogue among participants.

Join the MERLIN YouTube channel and watch the full webinar and the PREZERO Virtual Pilot Tour.