As an international provider of environmental services, PreZero participates actively in the transition towards a circular economy by offering innovative solutions for the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste. PreZero is the environmental division of the Schwarz group, which also includes the trading company of Kaufland and Lidl, as well as Schwarz Produktion.

The company currently works with 30.000 people internationally in eleven countries: Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, the United States, Spain and Portugal.

In Spain and Portugal, with a total of 17.000 employees, PreZero offers urban solutions to more than 15 million citizens in 600 municipalities. In the field of waste management and treatment, PreZero Iberia is a reference company. It operates 140 waste treatment and recycling facilities where more than 5.6 million tons of waste per year are processed through different kind of treatments, as selection and sorting, anaerobic digestion and composting, biomethanization, transfer, incineration, gasification and landfills.

PreZero is committed to a comprehensive waste management model. In this sense, the company is currently immersed in the process of evolving towards the digitalization of its processes and services through investments in technology and innovation. PreZero is pioneer in having an innovation area with more than 20 years of experience, specifically dedicated to the development of innovative solutions that accompany the company in its transformation towards a circular waste management model. Prezero undertakes the most complex and innovative projects, thanks to the technical and human capabilities of the company’s teams, a stable local presence and an extensive portfolio of solutions as it endorses its more than 30 years’ experience in many of the sectors and markets in which it operates, from urban mobility, education, health and defense, through the circular economy and the extraction and processing of natural resources such as mining and oil & gas. By applying the principles of a circular economy and its own model for innovation, PreZero has enabled its clients to make environmental management solutions more social, efficient, and sustainable.

Main Tasks:

PreZero will actively participate to WP1 (Automated SORTING system for multilayer materials), by leading the activities related to the demonstration under real environment conditions of the technological solutions developed by IRIS and ROVIMATICA.

Once the detection system and the A.I. robotic solution for multilayer sorting have been integrated and proved at ROVIMATICA facilities under laboratory conditions, PreZero will be in charge of the adaptation of the technology at its facilities and will lead the development of the testing tasks.

Additionally, PreZero will collaborate with WP2 and WP3 partners in the tasks related to characterization and provision of multilayer waste.

PreZero will also participate to WP6 (Increasement of knowledge within stakeholders by means of Good Practices and learning experience) by making available its expertise and know-how in waste recycling so that CSCP can convert it into good practices to enhance recyclability strategies for multilayer waste and increase the use of recycled materials for sustainable packaging designs.

In WP7 (Crosscutting activities and Innovation impacts), PreZero will contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of results through presentation of results in different international events, article publication in environmental platforms and magazines, etc.