ROVIMATICA is a technological SME, expert in tailor made engineering solutions, whose expertise is based on:

  • Customised turnkey industrial services in robotics (standard, collaborative and sensitive).
  • Computer vision systems (2D, 3D, hyperspectral and Artificial Intelligence for image processing).
  • Mechatronics, monitoring, pneumatics.
  • Automation and control (factories and industrial plants, nationally and internationally).
  • Machinery and special solutions, automation of vehicles (urban, agricultural and industrial ones).
  • Development of R&D projects for his clients.
  • Industrial maintenance and training.

Based in Cordoba (Spain), with another office in the Aerospace Technology Park (Aeropolis) in Seville (Spain), the company operates in most of the sectors from manufacturing, assembling, environment, water, aeronautic, automotive, metal, energy to agricultural implementing disruptive solutions. At the moment, ROVIMATICA has a workforce of 41 professionals approx. The company has developed high-tech projects around the world in countries such as Portugal, UK, Norway, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Russia, USA, China, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Panama, Uruguay, etc.

Main Tasks:

ROVIMATICA will actively participate to WP1 (Automated SORTING system for multilayer materials sorting), where it will lead the tasks related to the A.I. robotic adaption for the multilayer sorting, throughout the design and development of a vision-guided robot based on artificial intelligence. On the other hand, ROVIMATICA will lead the integration of the modules in a lab environment, and finally, the company will support the integration in the FERROVIAL facilities. ROVIMATICA will also collaborate with the WP1 partners in the tasks related to characterisation and synchronization of image sensors.

ROVIMATICA will participate to WP5 by collaborating in the task related to the analysis of recommendations in A.I. robotic multilayer sorting and the assessment of the environmental, economic, social, legislative and normative barriers.
ROVIMATICA will participate to WP6 where it will contribute to the Increasement of knowledge within stakeholders by means of Good Practices and learning experience by supporting the activities related to the A.I. robotic multilayer sorting as good practices.