The MERLIN project will:

Develop and promote the processes for the recycling of plastic

Develop and promote the disruptive processes for the sorting, delamination and recycling of rigid and flexible multi-layer plastic packaging waste from post-consumer and postindustrial sources to obtain new high-performance packaging solutions (flexible and rigid) for the food packaging industry.

Reduce the consumption of raw materials

Retain value in the economy and reduce the consumption of raw materials (e.g., fossil-based polymers and metals) as well as increase the quality and rate of recycled materials from multi-layer packaging waste, automating sorting, chemically delaminating the layers and recovering them for high-performance recycling.

Increase the knowledge in closing the plastic chain

Increase the knowledge and effectiveness in closing the European multi-layer plastic chain, align with the environment protection, the development of circular solutions, and the knowledge generation for companies, which help the European industry with the transition through a Circular Economy.

Push consumers to use packaging from recyclable materials

Push consumers to buy and use packaging from recyclable materials and manage household waste properly; also to show benefits that project outcomes will bring to society (citizens, services, employment, and economy).