The latest edition of  “TheGreenTech Innovation Forum” was held by TheGreenTech on May 21-22, 2024. The event provided a platform to drive sustainable change and foster industry collaboration by showcasing innovative solutions from EU-funded projects aimed at revolutionising sustainability and the circular economy. TheGreenTech is dedicated to creating synergies with other impactful H2020 and Horizon Europe projects, encompassing the most pertinent topics in sustainability and circular economy, and delivering proven solutions to address today’s most pressing environmental challenges.

A highlight of the Forum was the Plastic Recycling session, featuring nine EU-funded projects dedicated to addressing plastic waste and promoting circularity. These projects exemplify forward-thinking strategies and innovative solutions that tackle the pressing issues of plastic waste, advancing both sustainability and circularity within the industry. Notably, the MERLIN Project distinguished itself through its innovative and sustainable approaches.

Carlos Moyano from ITENE, a key partner in the MERLIN Project, presented its groundbreaking initiatives aimed at enhancing sustainability and circularity. The MERLINProject is at the forefront of developing advanced solutions to upgrade the quality and quantity of recycled plastics derived from multilayer packaging waste. This initiative is crucial in addressing a significant industry need and aligns seamlessly with the objectives outlined in the European Action Plan for the Circular Economy.

The Forum was marked by insightful presentations and dynamic discussions that delved into the urgent environmental challenges facing the industry. Participants explored collaborative opportunities to ensure sustainable resource management, reinforcing the importance of joint efforts among industry stakeholders, research communities, and policymakers. These discussions highlighted the collective responsibility in advancing circularity and sustainability.

“TheGreenTech Innovation Forum 2024” not only underscored the critical role of projects
like MERLIN in tackling plastic pollution but also emphasised the necessity of collaborative efforts to advance the circular economy in other sectors. Through such initiatives, Europe is poised to make significant strides towards sustainability and environmental stewardship.