MERLIN aims to create promising technologies and processes to improve the sorting, delamination and recycling of rigid and flexible multi-layer plastic packaging waste, from post-consumer and post-industrial sources, to obtain new high-performance packaging solutions for the food packaging industry and move towards a more circular economy. To this end, IRIS is working on two main developments to contribute to the overall concept of MERLIN project.

On the one hand, IRIS is developing a real-time and inline advanced monitoring system able to identify the composition of multilayer films and trays based on plastics and metallized layers. Conventional material identification systems used in sorting plants are generally applied to the identification of nanomaterials, nevertheless, they do not work well on multi-layer plastic film identification or multi-layer plastic/metalized layers. Based on previous experiences and knowledge in monitoring systems developed for recycling lines, IRIS aims to overcome these limitations and improve the sorting efficiency of this processes. To do that, IRIS will develop, build and implement an advanced system for the identification of polymer and metalized multilayer packaging flows through the effective combination of spectroscopic technologies and artificial intelligence techniques in an industrial recycling line.

On the other hand, IRIS will develop a web-based Decision Support System (DSS) to provide key information for waste managers and packaging industry representatives about the most promising strategies for recycling. This tool will allow to empower the decision making of key actor and move toward more circular value chains in the sector.


IRIS is an Advanced Engineering company focused on digitally engineering industry. The core business activities are focused on the development of innovative Real-Time Monitoring solutions based on Photonics-based Process Analytical Technology (PAT) systems and Industrial Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) for data-driven process efficiencies and quality standardization in the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bio-based and other process industries. We also develop AI-enabled Cloud Platforms for digitizing value chains.

Our team of 70 multidisciplinary experts combines experienced programmers, engineers (optical, mechatronic, electronic and process engineers), chemists, physicists, mathematicians and data scientists, biologists and technologists, converging the scientific and technological fields required for Industry 4.0 solutions development.

Our company has two divisions: IRIS Commercial that delivers B2B solutions and services to industry (serving a growing client base of blue chips and mid-caps from the farm to fork chain and the process industries); and, IRIS Innovation Lab that works in an Open Innovation context to build new knowledge, knowhow and IP to fuel our innovation pipeline so that we can offer cutting edge solutions to industry via our Commercial Division.

As IRIS aims to bring the most up to date and advanced innovations to the industry, one of the main driving forces in the company’s evolution is its research and innovation activities, which are materialized in new products and solutions to offer to its clients. Currently, IRIS already has a portfolio of different devices focused on real-time monitoring system for distinct process monitoring purposes in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-based and other process industries, and which are commercialized under the VISUM brand.

Therefore, the participation in MERLIN strengthens and extends the company’s knowhow and portfolio in real-time monitoring systems and AI-tools allowing us growth in a promising area such us the multilayer film packaging recycling sector.