Unione Industriali Napoli organized together with UniCredit the event “La Sostenibilità nei settori Packaging e Alimentare”, held today, 22 May 2024.

The MERLIN project was presented at the event, whose main objective is to develop innovative solutions for the recycling of materials used in food packaging, helping to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste and improving the sustainability of the sector.

MERLIN’s participation highlighted the importance of the circular economy, demonstrating how recycled plastic materials can be reintroduced into production processes, creating value and reducing the need for new resources. MERLIN also highlighted that the reuse of plastic can lead to significant economic savings for companies, agreeing with the speech of Carlo Pontecorvo who underlined that the promotion of sustainability should be seen as an investment and not a mere business cost.

The event represented an important opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability in the packaging and food sectors, and the contribution of the MERLIN project was essential to outline a path towards a greener and more sustainable future.