ENCO participates in national and international R&D&I projects as a facilitator for business, product, technology and process innovation in different industrial areas, including circular economy, packaging, agro-food sector and logistics. The company has a long track record participating in EU- funded projects as WP leader, task leader and project coordinator.
The company is specialized, inter alia, in two main fields:
• Development of market analysis, business plan and exploitation plans: studies (elaborated at European and international scale) for innovative products, technical solutions and systems are focused on market trends, market profitability and distribution channels. ENCO conducts market surveys with potential customers, Desk analysis, SWOT analysis, identification of economic, legislative and behavioral barriers, customer segments analysis and competitor analysis, market feasibility studies and Risk analysis. Moreover, ENCO develops innovation and business strategies, quantitative assessment of pricing and cost-benefit analysis, identifying Capital and Operational Costs.
• Communication and dissemination strategies: developing action plans for dissemination and communication activities; identifying target stakeholders, tools and actions to be implemented; developing tailor made campaign to raise audience’s awareness on the project rationale, activities and results; identifying and selecting events, workshops and meetings; organizing information and dissemination events; producing publications, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, promotional and marketing materials; setting up and managing project websites, and participating in relevant events and exploiting institutional communication channels; building a broader community around the project topics.
ENCO is an innovation and research-consulting firm based in Naples, active since 1987. Originally specialized in business consulting and industrial engineering, it has expanded its range of activities becoming an experienced advisor for both private business and public authorities and opened two new offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brussels.

Main Tasks:

ENCO wil have the leadership of WP7 (Cross-cutting activities and innovation impacts) and willl be involved in different tasks regarding the MERLIN project. The Communication and Dissemination is the first aspect, since the company has expertise in designing accurate and project-specific communication action and in guiding innovators in disseminate the project results in open access journals and scientific events.
Being an expert in the development of business plans and exploitation strategies in order to lay down the basis for the swift market update of the new technologies and products developed in MERLIN, ENCO will also lead the Business Planning, Exploitation and IPR Management.
ENCO’s experience will also guarantee the adequate management of the knowledge generated during the MERLIN project. Counting on a wide experience in building new consortia, in creating and enlarging its networks and establishing synergies with other projects, initiatives, stakeholders and associations across the EU, ENCO will also contribute to the Clustering and Replicability.