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IM2 represents a benchmark in the flexible packaging industry since the late 19 century, employing a wide range of materials such as paper, cellulose films, conventional plastic films and other advanced technological solutions.
Nowadays, the rotogravure and flexographic printing, together with the modern equipment and metallization facility allows Icimendue to print and produce many types of laminate film structures for all kinds of market sectors. The current capacity allows the Company to print any type of flexible film with an overlapping up to 11 colours, by coupling in line and off line in order to achieve different typologies of multilayers for the most varied market requirements.
Recently, important investment programs for the expansion of production capacity have been launched. In order to be in the forefront of the latest technology and innovation, Icimendue closed partnerships with several research entities: “Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II”, “Università degli Studi di Salerno”, “Seconda Università di Napoli”, and several CNR Institutes.
Icimendue is also engaged in continuous and systematic respect of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and environmental requirements. In 2009, as evidence of the environmental commitment, became operational a new plant for solvent recovery, which allows to minimize solvent emissions and retrieve a considerable percentage of the solvent used in the printing process.

Main Tasks:

IM2 will play a central role in WP4 (Development and VALIDATION of packaging demonstrators based on recycled PET and Polyolefins (PE, PP)). IM2 will contribute to the validation of the use of the recovered polymer fractions for manufacturing different rigid and flexible packaging demonstrators:
(i) PET bottles by injection blow-moulding, (ii) polyolefin pots by injection moulding and IML, (iii) multi-layer trays by extrusion-thermoforming and (iv) multi-layer flow pack by extrusionlamination.
IM2 will have a minor partipation in all the activities regarding Cross-cutting activities and Innovation impacts and Increasement of knowledge within stakeholders by means of Good Practices and learning experience related to flexible packaging.