IONIQA – Ioniqa Technologies B.V.



IONIQA is a clean-tech company, specialized in creating value out of PET waste by using its proprietary circular technology.
With a cost- effective process, IONIQA is able to close the loop for plastics, starting with PET plastics. This award winning innovation transforms all types and colors of PET waste into valuable resources for ‘virgin- quality’ new PET. Upcycling processes for other types of plastics are being researched and expected to be launched in the near future.

Main Tasks:

Regarding MERLIN’s project, IONIQA will be involved in the development of the depolymerisation process for PET feed with large number of contaminants (rigid multilayer packaging).
IONIQA will also scale-up the developed depolymerization process and provide the recovered materials to WP3. This scale-up will be conducted in IONIQA’s 1000 L pilot facility at Plant One (Rotterdam), which has been extensively operated for relatively pure PET (from bottle flake feedstock) to provide recovered materials to partners at 50-500 kg scale.