Since its inception, ITC PACKAGING, S.L.U. has been involved in the manufacture and sale of plastic injection packaging intended for food products and chemicals. ITC is the 3rd national plastic packaging operator in Spain, ranking first in markets such as ice cream. It ranks among the top 20 in Europe.
In April 2016, 3 of the companies by ITC business group, were brought under a single corporate structure (ITC PACKAGING, S.L.U). As a result of this merger, turnover increased, group synergies were enhanced, further increasing the solvency of all companies involved. The group became a leading strategic group on the European level for the manufacture of plastic food packaging.
In the field of thermoplastics injection, this company was a pioneer in obtaining certification for its management system under the BRC/IoP (food packaging and other packaging materials) standard, certified by the British certification entity EFSIS.
ITC PACKAGING, S.L.U. originated from the company "Industrias Tecnicas del Cable, S.L., (ITC)", constituted on 13 January 1989, taking over the activities of the company MINISON, S.L., founded in 1971, ITC has two production centres. The main company headquarters is located in the town of Ibi (Alicante), with facilities sized over 10,000m2, and there is a production centre in Sopelana (Vizcaya). It has 12 logistics platforms, 8 in the province of Alicante, with which it supplies to other platforms and covers the central and southern peninsula; 1 in Sopelana, from which it covers the northern half of the peninsula; 1 in France; 1 in the UK and 1 in Italy.
Along 2017, the company will be expanding its facilities for management and R&D&I by creating its own R&D Technology Centre, equipped with extensive facilities for research and innovation on over 2,500m2. These new facilities will allow the company greater flexibility in testing the injection pilot plant, which will be provided with three injection machines, an in-house workshop for the development of prototype moulds, and laboratories for undertaking new R&D, with greater flexibility and independence.

Main Tasks:

ITC will have the leadership in WP4 (Development and VALIDATION of packaging demonstrators based on recycled PET and Polyolefins (PE, PP)). ITC PACKAGING, S.L.U. wil cover this strategic role thanks to its large know-how about the processing of plastic materials in order to produce rigid packaging, the expertise of the staff along all the process, between the design of the packs, design and development of injection and blow mould, and the implantation of new producing processes, which will be applied into MERLIN project).
ITC will also participate to WP2 (Development of DELAMINATION processes of each multilayer structure sorted and WP3 – Development of RECYCLING processes of the separated fractions and monomers). The Chemical Engineers of ITC, having a large knowledge and experience about multilayer IML and plastic materials, will be very important for the development of delamination processes, contributing with the needs of the packs, materials and IML labels to use in real conditions.
ITC will contribute to WP6 (Increasement of knowledge within stakeholders by means of Good Practices and learning experience), with its expertise in plastic materials and multilayer labels and packs, helping to the consortia to the design of good practices In WP7 (Crosscutting activities and Innovation impacts), ITC will participate to the dissemination about the project, whose results will be done in publications and the events ITC will attend along the project.