A workplan consisting of 8 Work Packages (WPs) has been designed for implementing the R&I activities necessary to realise the project objectives and ensuring the innovation impacts.

  • WP1 – Automated SORTING system for multi-layer materials sorting
  • WP2 – Development of DELAMINATION processes of each multi-layer structure sorted
  • WP3 – Development of RECYCLING processes for the separated fractions and monomers
  • WP4 – Development and VALIDATION of packaging demonstrators based on recycled PET and Polyolefins (PE, PP)
  • WP5 – Assessment of the environmental, economic, social, legislative and regulatory barriers of the developed processes
  • WP6 – Facilitate sharing and learning of good practices on increasing circularity in post-consumption multi-layer packaging amongst value chain stakeholders
  • WP7 – Cross-cutting activities and innovation impacts
  • WP8 – Project management